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Why should you upgrade BricsCAD to V21?

Older versions of BricsCAD still work perfectly well and unlike other CAD software, once you have purchased your license BricsCAD is yours to own, for life.

So why would you upgrade BricsCAD to V21? Here are just a few of the reasons, highlighting BricsCAD V21 features which could save you time and money.

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A.I Tools

Artificial Intelligence tools have transformed the way you work in 2D & 3D giving you faster, more accurate drawings with less repetition.

New commands unique to BricsCAD such as Blockify & CopyGuided reduce time consuming tasks to just a few clicks, saving you time.


Powerful multi-threading help’s you design at a higher level of detail, faster, and more accurately.

You no longer need to wait for External References (XREFs) to be loaded. BricsCAD uses multi-threading to load XREFs, perform complex calculations and more, all in the background, while you continue working on your design.


Reduce un-necessary drawing data & fix common drawing errors which may not be obvious to the naked eye.

The Simplify command can fix broken geometry, straightening lines & fixing tiny gaps with a single click, making your drawings neater and more accurate.

Optimize will remove un-necessary data points reducing the overall size of your drawings making them load faster and easier to work with.

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These are just a few of the many reasons to upgrade to BricsCAD V21.

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