BricsCAD Lite Logo is a computer aided drafting (CAD) system, with perpetual licensing options, that is bringing new levels of performance and technical innovation to the industry-standard DWG format. All while still being cheaper than AutoCAD LT.

BricsCAD Lite is the affordable, compatible, flexible, and modern CAD platform for everyone who creates and edits 2D drawings.

As an ‘LT alternative’, it brings a familiar suite of drafting tools, plus the ability to customize the way you work with the power of LISP.

BricsCAD is being constantly developed to incorporate the power of A.I. – and in V21, with new features like MoveGuided, Optimize and Parametric Blocks, you can experience modern features in our most cost effective CAD solution.

BricsCAD 2D

Bricsys is a founding member of the Open Design Alliance, the approved second source for DWG compatibility.

We read and write DWG with the highest degree of fidelity with the industry standard.

We believe that our deep technical expertise and commitment to DWG positions us to be the best all-in-one CAD system for all design disciplines.

As one of the most prolific contributors to the ODA development effort, Bricsys works to ensure that your design data is safe, accurate and compatible.

The development team at Bricsys is incorporating A.I. / machine learning (ML) algorithms into BricsCAD Lite, to help improve your workflows. 

BLOCKIFY is a tool that recognizes repeating drawing elements and
automatically converts them into blocks, to help keep drawing size small and performance high.

COPYGUIDED does rule-based copying of entities along reference geometry, with automatic trimming / cleaning of background entities, and we’ve added a MOVEGUIDED variant to V21.

But these are just a few of the ways that A.I./ML can change the way you use CAD.

Unlike AutoCAD LT®, BricsCAD Lite supports LISP, slashing the time it takes to do repetitive drafting tasks.

Our LISP engine is based on OpenLISP. It’s been benchmarked to perform anywhere from 5 to 100 times faster than the same routines running in other CAD products.

You can still own your BricsCAD Lite license.

Buy a BricsCAD Lite perpetual license once and use it as long
as your computer and operating system will support it.

If you want volume licensing, or floating network licenses, we offer them, too. And you choose your platform – Windows, macOS or Linux.

BricsCAD Lite license keys work with any language version of the product. You can use your license when you travel – you don’t have to ask our permission to use it in another location.

BricsCAD Lite brings you more CAD power for less cost.

BricsCAD Lite is very compatible with the CAD tools you probably use today – from a user’s point of view and from the CAD administrator’s chair.

BricsCAD Lite supports innovative machine learning algorithms that simplify workflows and help you design better, today.