Professional CAD software can be expensive but often we see clients paying for licenses they don’t need or perhaps don’t even use.

BricsCAD Lite Logo includes more functionality than other light or LT CAD packages, BricsCAD also offers flexible licensing, ensuring you get the right balance between cost & functionality.

BricsCAD Lite for greater 2D productivity
Blockify and Parametric Blockify

Blockify, automatically converts repeated geometry to blocks.

Blockify enables complex drawings with many similar items not already in block form, such as imports of building layouts or assemblies with many common parts, or drawings where basic copies of geometry have been carried out multiple times, to take more advantage of these benefits.

Parametric Blockify is even more powerful, using a parameterised set of entities as input, and finding any geometry of the same form which fits the range of the
parameters of the original block.

BricsCAD Blockify Command
BricsCAD Move Guided Command
Copy Guided and Move Guided

Copy Guided is a very powerful, intelligent tool which combines copying geometry, positioning it appropriately, and modifying its surrounding entities all in one easy function.

It’s a huge time saving tool when creating and editing drawings with many common features in different locations, such as layouts of buildings and contents, and assemblies with many similar fasteners.

Move Guided is even more powerful, as it introduces another step – the healing of the geometry around the moved item.

The Quad

The Quad conveniently and automatically makes recently
used functions clearly available, and intelligently predicts
what you want to do next.

Relevant tools are close to hand, saving effort and time, and increasing user productivity. 

BricsCAD Quad
BricsCAD Manipulator
The Manipulator

The Manipulator is a combination of other functions, such as move and rotate.

It’s very easy to use and is a powerful way to make accurate geometry changes very quickly, especially when multiple changes are required.

Drawing Explorer

The Drawing Explorer enables all the key aspects of a drawing to be managed in one comprehensive, single place, providing a fast, effective way to configure a drawing.

It is especially useful when managing large or complex drawings.

BricsCAD Drawing Explorer
BricsCAD Dynamic UCS
2D dynamic UCS

The drawing UCS can be automatically aligned to selected 2D geometry so that entities can be automatically created relative to that selection.

It can also be used to dynamically position blocks when adding them to a 2D drawing.

It allows users to create entities in relation to other non-orthographic geometry quickly and to accurately
positioning blocks, without wasting time defining a UCS or manually repositioning them every time.

Nearest Distance

Nearest Distance automatically displays the distance between the nearest points between two selected entities, and enables that distance to be edited, as if it were a ‘temporary constraint’.

In many cases, this can make geometry editing quick, requiring only one value to be changed rather than additional functions such as Move applied. 

BricsCAD Nearest Distance Command
2D Constraints & Parameters
2D constraints and parameters

Applying constraints and parameters to 2D geometry can be very beneficial.

It’s invaluable for quickly modifying geometry, when exploring design alternatives at the early stages, quickly applying design iterations during development and when later updates of a design are required.

Constraints and parameters effectively capture design
intent which leads to an intelligent drawing, making changes and re-use much easier and more effective.

2D Autoconstrain

Applying the constraints and parameters, outlined above,
can be done automatically, adding those rigid geometry controls at the point they are needed.

It essentially automatically captures and locks in the original design intent without having to waste time creating it manually.

BricsCAD Auto Constrain
BricsCAD Optimize Command
Drawing optimisation tools

Two key optimisation functions are Simplify and Optimize.

Simplify automatically simplifies a polyline by dramatically reducing the number of vertices, improving the manageability and performance of a drawing which contains overly heavy and complex polylines.

The Optimize tool tidies entities which are not quite geometrically correct, such as lines which are close to horizontal or vertical, but are slightly out of line, or where there are small gaps between entities which should be closed.

BricsCAD Lite to support AutoLISP code
BLADE LISP capability

BricsCAD BLADE is available across all products, including BricsCAD Lite.

LISP is used to develop code which typically automates parts of the design process.

BLADE is compatible with the AutoLISP format, so code created in or for other CAD software can be used in BricsCAD Lite.

Other light or LT software packages do not offer an AutoLISP interface, meaning users have to pay for costly upgrades they don’t always need.

BLADE is also a more moden, configurable option when compared to other environments.

Using OpenLISP, at its core, which is still being maintained, offers more features in areas like debugging.

BricsCAD Blade Dialog
BricsCAD Lite to enable network licencing
Flexible Licensing

BricsCAD Lite is available with multiple flexible license options.

Perpetual licenses allow users to permanently own their software with no additional action.

BricsCAD Maintenance is also available as a cost effective, convenient way to keep BricsCAD up to date.

Subscription licenses allow users to purchase BricsCAD on a yearly basis, knowing that it will always be up to date & giving the flexibility to add or remove seats as they are needed.

Network licensing gives businesses even more flexibility where CAD designers may work part time or only need a CAD system for part of their working day. A pool of licenses is assigned as users start or close BricsCAD, giving a cost effective option for larger teams.

Cost of ownership

Subscription licenses are the cheapest way to get started with BricsCAD.

However, perpetual licenses with maintenance or network licenses offer a much more cost effective way of owning an up to date copy of BricsCAD over a longer term.

Other CAD vendors don’t offer perpetual or network versions with their light or LT products.

The variety of options available with BricsCAD ensure that it is not only the right option for your business but also offers the lowest cost of ownership.

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